More William

1502519More William is the second of the William books, it was published in 1922, following on the success of Just William. The standalone stories build further the character and life of the poor maligned and misunderstood William and his staunch but equally oppressed friends.

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A Busy Day

1 A Busy Day Tim Bulkeley 00:25:40

William is given a book entitled Things a Boy Can Do and following its wise instructions succeeds in irritating all of his family.


2 Rice-Mould Barbara Bulkeley 00:21:43

This was the first William story to be published in 1919. Seeking to impress the girl next door, William becomes a blancmange thief.

William’s Burglar

3 William’s Burglar Tim Bulkeley 00:20:36

A mysterious stranger full of inspiring war stories turns out to be a criminal.

The Knight at Arms

4 The Knight at Arms Barbara Bulkeley 00:12:34

Sir William and his faithful squire Ginger attempt to rescue a “damsel in distress”.

William’s Hobby

5 William’s Hobby Tim Bulkeley 00:13:43

Somehow taxidermy sounds just the hobby for William… or perhaps not!

The Rivals

6 The Rivals Barbara Bulkeley 00:24:24

There is another competing with William for the affections of girl-next-door, Joan.

The Ghost

7 The Ghost Tim Bulkeley 00:16:54

William’s cousin Mildred hungers for a “psychic experience”, which William kindly arranges.

The May King

8 The May King Tim Bulkeley 00:23:29

Would William, the May King, be satisfied to merely attend the May Queen? Our hero has bigger ambitions!

The Revenge

9 The Revenge Tim Bulkeley 00:16:57

How better to take revenge on his hateful family, than by running away?

The Helper

10 The Helper Barbara Bulkeley 00:19:39

The always helpful William assists the movers organising the family’s house move.

William and the Smuggler

11 William and the Smuggler Tim Bulkeley 00:28:43

When William’s father, Mr. Brown, is worn down by life and his eubilliant yet often morose son, he needs a seaside “rest cure”. However, perhaps sending William along too was not wise.

The Reform of William

12 The Reform of William Barbara Bulkeley 00:18:52

Inspired to lead a better life, William takes a leaf from St Augustine and decides not start just yet! (For which his ardent readers remain to this day grateful.)

William and the Ancient Souls

13 William and the Ancient Souls Tim Bulkeley 00:16:50

A neighbour from hell or William Brown?

William’s Christmas Eve

14 William’s Christmas Eve Barbara Bulkeley 00:28:11

Finally in a heartrending tale of sidesplitting seasonal goodwill William and, girl-next-door, Joan deliver a Christmas feast to a poor family.

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