P. G. Wodehouse

PG Wodehouse in 1904
PG Wodehouse in 1904 source Wikipedia

P. G. Wodehouse is best known his characters the butler Jeeves and his ‘master’ Bertie Wooster. Wooster typifies the indolent and idiotic, yet good-natured English upper class that Wodehouse parodied and recorded. Since, all the while Wodehouse was writing, this species seemed ever nearer to extinction, the result (as well as being very funny) is somewhat like watching film of a dodo or a dinosaur, quaintly anachronistic. That class was, of course never as indolent (or they could not have obtained a rich empire) nor as idiotic (or they could not have retained it as long as they did) as he portrayed them. As a result they are not extinct, though they are evolving rapidly!

Wodehouse has been hugely popular writing for more than seventy years, and still read and adapted for film and TV forty years after his death. Wodehouse’s prose style, and especially his immaculately dressed sentences, have been widely admired by famous writers as well as ordinary folk like you and me.

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