LAH Bulkeley

Lanercost Priory, Northumberland, where his father was vicar.

LAH Bulkeley with his son on his last leave.
LAH Bulkeley with his son on his last leave.

Llewellyn Alfred Henry Bulkeley was my grandfather, though I never met him, and my father could not remember his father. (The picture shows dad as a toddler, on his father’s shoulders, taken during LAH’s last furlough before he was killed in France in 1918.)

We never knew much of his story, though his character and prowess at sports and as a doctor were often held up to us as fine examples.

As well as a widow and orphan son he left a travel diary from a trip he and his younger brother (Henry Ion Bulkeley, who also died in WW1 in 1918) took to Norway in 1914. This diary, when read using the advantages of hindsight, contains echoes of the war that would kill both brothers. The trip is told with a pleasant humour, and is proving an enjoyable read. I am producing both an annotated transcription of the typescript, and a video version of the text. Here:

July 1914: Echoes of War

Annotated transcription

Video version
Part 1

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