The Tale of Tom Kitten (1907)

Tom did not enjoy getting washed!In this tale of manners, Tom Kitten’s mother, Tabitha Twitchit, invites friends for tea. Though she carefully washes and dresses her three kittens for the party, they quickly dirty or lose their clothes. Tabitha sends the kittens to bed, but ashamed pretends the kittens have the measles. The kittens are soon playing noisily upstairs above the tea party.

Potter bought Hill Top in 1905 from her earnings from the early books together with a small legacy from her aunt, She began Tom Kitten in 1906 and and so Top farmhouse. features in the pictures.

The book sold 20,000 copies on its release in September 1907 and 12,500 more by the following December. Although at the end of the tale Potter promised more about Tom Kitten, it was rather Jemima Puddleduck who gave her name to the next of Potter’s books, the following year. Tom will appear in the other book from 1908, Samuel Whiskers – Or the Roly-Poly Pudding.

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