The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (1904)

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny  was published in 1904 and continued Beatrix Potter’s string of runaway successes. As a  sequel to The Tale of Peter Rabbit, her first book, Benjamin Bunny and recounts what happened when Peter Rabbit returned to Mr. McGregor’s garden, taking Benjamin Bunny his cousin) with him.

Peter and Benjamin pick onions
Peter and Benjamin pick onions

This is the first work in which Potter returns to the same “world” as an earlier story and begins to develop the sense that all her stories occupy the same universe, with talking animals who may pop up in a later book. Benjamin himself will return in the The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies and The Tale of Mr. Tod, only by then he is no longer a “child” but one of the grown up rabbits.

The Times Literary Supplement review called the illoustrations “pencil perfect”,  but was less complimentary on the literary quality of the book!

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