The Story of Miss Moppet (1906)

m26Miss Moppet was published for the 1906 Christmas season, it explored teasing between a kitten (Miss Moppet) and a mouse. The story was originally published in a fold out design but was reprinted in 1916 in the usual small book format

Poor Moppet is teased by a mouse.and chasing him she bumps her head on a cupboard. She wraps a duster round her head, and sits before the fire “looking very ill”. The mouse creeps closer, and Moppet captures him, betrayed by curiosity. “[B]ecause the Mouse has teased Miss Moppet—Miss Moppet thinks she will tease the Mouse; which is not at all nice of Miss Moppet“. He is tied in the duster and thrown into the air. However, when he escapes, he seeks safety on a cupboard out of reach, and there dances a jig.


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