The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck (1908)

Beatrix Potter with Kep (the model for the dog in the story (1913)Jemima Puddle-Duck is an Aylesbury, the farmer’s wife thinks Jemima is a bad mother and won’t hatch her eggs, so she takes them. Jemima seeks somewhere far from the farm where she can hatch her eggs, as she explains to the sympathetic fox who invites her to nest at his place. Jemima accepts not imagining that the fox plans to eat her for dinner. Kep, a collie on the farm, finds Jemima and rescues her. Potter said that the tale was a version of “Little Red Riding Hood” where Jemima, the fox, and the dog correspond to the Riding Hood, the wolf, and the woodcutter. The main characters are also based on real people and animals at Hill Top, as are the locations.

It is one of Potter’s best loved and most often adapted works.

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